Thoughts on our Camden Rock gig

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Gigging

Last night, we played a gig at Camden Rock and we loved it.

I’d like to say a massive thank-you to all the people who came out to see us. It means a hell of a lot to us that people make the effort.

We tried switching a couple of things around. For example, Ellen took over the lead vocals on “Someone to Blame” and I’m really pleased about how we’re developing as a band.

I don’t think that we’re perfect. There’s still scope for us to improve our live performance and get “tighter” – but all in all in was a great evening. We certainly had a lot of fun and I think the crowd did too. We had a few technical problems but I’m pleased that we didn’t let the issues get to us and were able to carry on and still play a blistering set.

I have to say that playing live gives you such a buzz – it’s a combination of nerves, excitement and just pure joy. Just after coming off stage you feel amazing – I love it.

Anyway, we’re going to meet up as a band again in the next few days to decide what we want to do next. We’re playing a gig on March 27th as part of the Surface Unsigned Festival, but I think we’re all very keen to go into the studio and record some songs before then.

We’ll keep you posted

Set List


Better Days

Someone To Blame

My Love

Mea Culpa

Modern Reality


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