Writer’s block

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Random Noise, Song Writing, Songs

Since our gig last week, I’ve been thinking about our songs and about our set list. I think our set is quality, but it is slightly on the short side. I think that we need another song or two to really fill it out and to really engage the audience more.

So, since then, my focus has been very much on writing some new material. I’ve got a head full of ideas but I think we really need a couple of really upbeat numbers. I’m realising more and more that playing live is all about getting sweaty and having a good time. We can change the pace of the set, but my experience of gigging is that there are a million little bands out there who have a set mainly consisting of slow or mid-paced numbers. To really make ourselves memorable, we have to be upbeat and punchy. “Modern Reality” and “Welcome” are the songs that do that most in our current set.

Those who know me know that, generally I’m quite a gobby person. So it’s been surprising to me that what I’ve found difficult about the new songs is the lyrics. Shock – horror a rapper struggling with lyrics. I’ve got the chord sequences and the melodies mapped out for at least two songs, but the words aren’t coming easily at the moment.

But I guess that’s just the way it goes. Sometimes ideas seem to sprout up of their own accord and sometimes you have to really hunt them out. Rest assured though, I’ll keep persevering and hopefully come up with something gold.


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