A little get-together

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Random Noise, Song Writing

The five of us got together at my place yesterday to have a chat about various things and what our next steps should be. We basically decided that we’d take a break from gigging for a month or so and during February we’re going to record two or three of our songs.

The songs we’ve chosen are going to be:

1. Modern Reality
2. My Love
3. Mea Culpa

Also, if we’ve got time we’re going to try and record Better Days as well. Personally, I’m really excited by this and am looking forward to having some good quality recordings that we can share with people.

Both Youri and I played our ideas for new songs. His is like a house track and mine was more athemic indie-rock. Both sound really promising and I’m glad that we’re still trying to mix up different styles of music.

Onwards and upwards – great things are on their way.


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