My Love

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Songs

So here is our version of My Love. Click the little down arrow to the right to download it. You can download the rest of the Modern Reality E.P. from our SoundCloud page at

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I’ve been wanting this since fifteen, it used to be just dreams, but to me it just seemed

That reality would be just me, picking at the seams for all eternity.

My three-score years and ten to comprehend the lives of men and then come to an end

I used to question if there was any point, any purpose,

On dark days my insecurities would surface.

I sometimes wonder if all the best years have passed,

and all I have are faded, jaded memories of the past.

Missed opportunities, crushed ideals and shattered dreams,

but now I found you, I see what it all means

As I sit and contemplate our fate, I can’t escape there’s no time to wait or debate or hesitate.

I know that I’ll be true to you, I know that this is news to you,

but I’m going to have to prove to you and somehow get it through to you

That I’ll be there for you

Whatever, whenever, we’ll face our darkest evils and stand as one together,

Because I care for you

You make me feel complete, you picked me off my knees and put me back upon my feet

And I’m as scared as you

I never felt this way before, I’ll be the man that stands with you forevermore

And to be fair to you

These words may seem absurd, I don’t blame you if you don’t believe what you just heard

The fact is – everything is better when you’re around

You lift me to the highest heights; you pick me up when I go down

When you’re away I get flashes of the curve of your smile, the gleam of your eyes, the smell of your thighs.

And I have to catch my breath….

And now it seems those teenage dreams are reality in you and me.

Love me, hug me, put no one above me.

Praise me, amaze me, be the one who saves me

My Love, I feel your touch, I feel it’s never going to be enough

I need you to prove it’s true and see it through because I love you.


I never thought that you would be the one I would be falling for

I dream of you, I feel like I’ve not felt before

But I’m not sure if what I feel is truly real, so here’s the deal

Please give me some more time

I used to hear stories of the all-consuming passion that changes your life in a heart-stopping fashion

I never thought I would see, never thought it could be, I never would have believed it would happen to me

So, this is all I have to say, I just pray you’ll feel the same about me some day.

It’s not chocolates and roses or turtle white doves,

But it’s honest and it’s true; it’s for you, My Love.”


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