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Busy bees

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Gigging, Recording, Song Writing

Since my last blog, we’ve recorded our debut EP, we’ve played a great gig at 229 The Venue in London and written a couple of songs.

Not bad eh?


Iambic tetrameter

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Song Writing

Following on from my post about finishing things, here are the lyrics I’ve written to a new song.

Youri’s had the idea for this song for a long time. The chorus is lifted from a French poem and the beat is pretty rapid and house-y. I’ve been thinking about prose and poetry recently. I know Shakespeare wrote a lot of his stuff in iambic pentameter, and I’ve been wanting to try something similar with a song. The beat that Youri’s got for this song lends itself really well to iambic tetrameter, which is the style that Byron used in his poem “She walks in beauty” so I thought I’d give it a go and it actually works really well. Some might say it’s showing off, but I don’t care.

The song is called “Sans me parler” and the lyrics go

She stops at her favourite café
On just another Saturday
He’s sitting reading Georges Bataille
And sipping a skinny latté.
He glances up and their eyes meet
Her heart literally skips a beat
Tries not to stare but can’t succeed
Her mouth goes dry, her legs go weak
She’d read about this in books
How much is said with just a look
He runs his fingers through his hair
She steps outside to get some air
He follows now the scene is set
She closed her eyes and held her breath
He lit another cigarette,
He didn’t say a word then left.

Sans me regarder il h’allume
une cigarette sans me parler
Sans me parler il est parti.

She’s moving on trying to forget,
She believes in life with no regrets
But in her head plays the same song
With a different meaning no he has gone
He keeps tugging at her mind
Ephemeral and undefined
Promise falls like autumn leaves
She’s finding it hard to believe
How much is said without a word
She cursed the feelings that he’s stirred
She doesn’t even know his name,
She’s sure their paths will cross again
She downs her shot and shakes her head,
Decides she’s going to dance instead
She shakes her hips and moves her feet
She loves this deep, dark funky beat.
Now, call it fate or call it chance,
She takes a random sideways glance
What she sees stops her in her tracks
She sees him. He’s not looking back.

Sans me regarder il h’allume
une cigarette sans me parler
Sans me parler il est parti.

Not looking back, she sees him, he’s not looking back
Not looking back, she sees him, he’s not looking back

He’s focused on a random blonde
Like they’re sharing a common bond
He runs his fingers through her hair
He doesn’t even look at her.
He waves an unlit cigarette
She cursed the moment that they met
She doesn’t even pause for breath
She didn’t say a word – just left.

Finishing Things

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Random Noise, Song Writing

This sounds really stupidly obvious but I’ve realised how important finishing things is.

I’ve had some ideas for songs and half written songs kicking around my head for ages, but in the last week or so, I’ve made myself sit down and actually finsh two of them and it feels great. It’s like I get a sense of closure. Instead of thinking “I need to finish that song” I think “Right, let’s do a new song” and it’s a nice feeling.

It sounds so obvious but it’s so true.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to be like Walt from Gran Torino – the man who finishes things.

A little get-together

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Random Noise, Song Writing

The five of us got together at my place yesterday to have a chat about various things and what our next steps should be. We basically decided that we’d take a break from gigging for a month or so and during February we’re going to record two or three of our songs.

The songs we’ve chosen are going to be:

1. Modern Reality
2. My Love
3. Mea Culpa

Also, if we’ve got time we’re going to try and record Better Days as well. Personally, I’m really excited by this and am looking forward to having some good quality recordings that we can share with people.

Both Youri and I played our ideas for new songs. His is like a house track and mine was more athemic indie-rock. Both sound really promising and I’m glad that we’re still trying to mix up different styles of music.

Onwards and upwards – great things are on their way.

Writer’s block

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Random Noise, Song Writing, Songs

Since our gig last week, I’ve been thinking about our songs and about our set list. I think our set is quality, but it is slightly on the short side. I think that we need another song or two to really fill it out and to really engage the audience more.

So, since then, my focus has been very much on writing some new material. I’ve got a head full of ideas but I think we really need a couple of really upbeat numbers. I’m realising more and more that playing live is all about getting sweaty and having a good time. We can change the pace of the set, but my experience of gigging is that there are a million little bands out there who have a set mainly consisting of slow or mid-paced numbers. To really make ourselves memorable, we have to be upbeat and punchy. “Modern Reality” and “Welcome” are the songs that do that most in our current set.

Those who know me know that, generally I’m quite a gobby person. So it’s been surprising to me that what I’ve found difficult about the new songs is the lyrics. Shock – horror a rapper struggling with lyrics. I’ve got the chord sequences and the melodies mapped out for at least two songs, but the words aren’t coming easily at the moment.

But I guess that’s just the way it goes. Sometimes ideas seem to sprout up of their own accord and sometimes you have to really hunt them out. Rest assured though, I’ll keep persevering and hopefully come up with something gold.